Nii Boi IV Has Been Indefinite Suspended As Abeka Mantse Henceforth-Nii Boi Royal Family

Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

The Nii Boi Royal Family has disassociated itself from the installation of newly installed Queenmother and the Dzasetse and urged the general public to disregard the self-claimant.

Speaking at a news conference held in Abeka Palace, the PRO for the Nii Boi Royal Family, Nii Armah make it clear that both the said Queenmother and the Dzase are not from any lineage in the Royal Family and the family too is unaware of such incidents.

The family also said the current occupant of the Abeka Black Stool in person of Nii Boi IV has been indefinite suspended over his autocratic styled of leadership and even before his suspension himself has come to the palace and turn the black stool upside down with no reasons for which shows clearly that he is no longer interested in the stool he occupied.

According to him, because the family believe in the rule of law they have petitioned the Ghana Police Service, BNI, and the Ga Traditional Council over Nii Boi IV conducts to the family.

The Family would like to send a word of caution to the Assembly and general public to stop dealing with the suspended Nii Boi IV as Abeka Mantse henceforth.

Full Statement

Monday 12th December, 2022




Good morning distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the media. We thank you for honouring our short invitation at such notice and we are grateful for your continue collaboration with us towards building a better and prosperous Abeka stool. 

Indeed we respectfully invited you hear as a family this morning to inform you and the general public that, as custodians of Abeka stool clothed with the powers to customary nominate and install appropriate person to occupy any of the throne when vacant; we same by a unanimously decision as family reject in its entirety the so called installation of Regina Naa Dedei Armah as queen mother of Abeka and Tawiah Dodoo as Abeka Dzaase.  

Ladies and gentlemen, Pursuant to Section 57 (1) of the Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759 defines a chief as “a person who, hailing from the appropriate family and lineage, has been validly nominated, elected or selected and enstooled, enskinned or installed as a chief or queen-mother in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage.” 

From the above, it can clearly be seen that, it is out of the appropriate family that an individual can become a chief or queen mother. On the 15th June, 1978, late Nii Boi I, Abeka Mantse in consultation with the principal elders of Nii Boi Royal family went through the processes as custom demands to nominate and installed late Naa Ayeley I, Abeka Manye.

Ladies and gentlemen, the chieftaincy as an institution, though not a creation of the constitution, has received recognition from the constitution. Deposition can only be done by people who have been vested with that power under customary laws to execute. The power to destool a chief is a customary right vested wholly in the kingmakers who alone have the power to make and unmake a chief customarily. 

As a family, we are saddened by and gravely concerned about the phenomenon unreasoned pronouncement of some members of our revered Asere traditional council, their lack of fidelity to the chieftaincy act which binds us as traditional rulers, unpardonable factual errors that have become commonplace in the council, as well as glaring administrative abuses by those who ought to have known better. 

As custodians of Abeka stool and accordingly, we shall endeavor at all times, in line with our traditional ethos, to ensure that the Asere traditional council performs the role assigned to it by both the 1992 constitution and the chieftaincy act, by following the right procedure without any bias. 

We have noted one entrenched principle of our revered traditional institution since time in memorial which has been the recognition by our law that it is not the Asere paramountcy  business to get into certain matters that customary law and usage have been assigned to either divisional or sub-divisional chiefs. Contrary to this principle, we have same observed a creeping tendency of the Asere council to trespass into domains reserved for Nii Boi Royal family as far as the Abeka stool is concerned. 


Ladies and gentlemen of the media, it is important to let you know few things that happened when late Naa Ayeley joined our ancestors and the steps that Nii Boi family took in ensuring that, right thing is done but never materialized. Below are few questions that Nii Boi families ask as tradition demands when a representative from her family appeared to announce her funeral arrangement but not her demise;


When did she die?

Where is the ‘afle’ placed on the hand wrist during the installation by late Nii Boi I, Abeka Mantse?

What is the truth and proof that she’s dead?

Ladies and gentlemen, the family representative of late Naa Ayeley could not answer the above questions but later rather resort to violence aided by some faceless individual within Asere traditional council to bury her without our involvement and participation. We shall take full legal action in due time.

Ladies and gentlemen let it be on record that;

The latter’s private/birth name is Naa Koowah

The stool name ‘Naa Ayeley’ was given to her after her enstoolment as queen mother. Nii Boi I, Apajafo went through the traditional processes and customs to name her Naa Ayeley I. 


Pursuant to and as stated in our chieftaincy act, Nii Boi IV Abeka Mantse, was nominated and enstooled by the kingmakers of Nii Boi royal family on the 4th August, 2013 when the stool father declared the seat vacant after the painful demise of Nii Boi III, Abeka Mantse in 2011. Since his enstoolment, his actions and inactions have always been contrary to that of the family. It is a painful action that leaves much to be desired. Enough complaints both within and without including formal petitions have been written to the Asere traditional council signed by both family head and the stool father but never materialized. 

The time has now come that as families we cannot tolerate this arrogant attitude of him including his recent involvement in those enstoolment of the above subject names which he vehemently deny any knowledge of but later seen in a video chanting in support. In view of this, the Nii Boi Royal family by a unanimous decision in a meeting held on Monday 5th December, 2022 resolved that;

 Nii Boi IV, Abeka Mantse be suspended indefinitely pending the determination of the case at the Ga traditional council. 

By our customs and traditions, Nii Aban Boi II, Seitse shall henceforth act as regent for Abeka stool 


 Ladies and gentlemen, as custodians of Abeka stool, we wish to state emphatically and draw the public attention to the following that;

The Nii Boi Royal families in 2002 secured a high court ruling presided over by her Lordship Mrs. Felicity Amoah a perpetual injunction when late Teiko Akotia Oworsika and others from the Asere traditional council attempted to install late Ansah Dodoo as Abeka dzaase. (Suit No. Misc. 1675/2002)

Since the demise of our beloved late Nii Boi I, Apajafo in 1981, Naa Ayeley has never participated in any traditional duty within Abeka. She failed in a similar attempt to install late Lovelace Boye (Nii Agbo) as Abeka Mantse due to her lack of capacity to undertake such actions in 2012. 

Nii Boi Royal family successfully enstooled and gazette both late Nii Boi II in 1982 and Nii Boi III in 2003 as lawful Abeka Mantsemei. None of these respectable chiefs ever in their reigns worked with late Naa Ayeley I. 

The purported nominations and installations of the above names on Friday 25th November, 2022 was done surreptitiously and without the requisite knowledge, consent, concurrence, involvement, participation etc. of the stool father and principal elders of Nii Boi Royal families.

The Okaikwei North Municipal Assembly is hereby served with the notice that, Nii Boi IV has been suspended indefinitely with immediate effect and that the family shall not be held liable for any damages caused when seen dealing with him directly or indirectly. 

By Custom, Convention and Tradition, the Asere stool are not kingmakers of the Abeka Stool and have no such role to play with the selection, election, nomination, enstoolment etc. of anyone as queen mother and dzaase. Infact per our customs, it is only the kingmakers of Nii Boi Royal families who are eligible and clothed with capacity to nominate, select, and enstooled an occupant to Abeka Stool. After enstoolment, we only swore oath of allegiance to the Asere stool.

Infact Oyeni (Head of Agbon family, Asere) and Co. since time in memorial have impersonated and attempts without success engaged in numerous attempts of installation albeit frivolous and further have manifested such uncontrollable and unfair weight of viciousness that it will always be contrary to all precepts of rule of law, customs, conventions and acceptable standard of procedure known in all civilized societies. He and his surrogate have no right to come and perform such unwarranted behaviour in Abeka stool for which we are custodians.  

The purported nominations are uncustomary, improper, illegal and therefore null and void. The Nii Boi Royal families of Abeka have not install, enskinned, constitute or appoint anybody as queen mother or dzaase nor granted ay permission to anybody to perform such rites on our stool land.

The family would further reiterate without any equivocation that, this arrogant posture adopted by this imposter is a recipe for chaos. The IGP and the entire police service as law enforcement agency mandated to ensure peace/tranquility and stability within the community; we shall urge you to as a matter of urgency ensure that these imposters are called to order. These practices of them are very alien within our stool land and it seems some interested faceless coward parties are trying everything possible to make it a usual routine. 

Whilst the Nii Boi Royal families have taken the full rights to petition the Ga traditional council for the necessary action and the dissipation of this information to the general public, the police are hereby clearly advice to humbly be watchful in associating directly or indirectly with these imposters. 

As law abiding citizen hoping for peace and stability within the community and a firm believer of the professional exercise of duties by Ghana police Service, we shall urge you to ensure that there’s absolute peace and harmony within the community as the Ga traditional council adjudicate the matter. 

Thank you and God richly bless all

Long live Boye family; long live Abeka stool and long live mother Ghana







Our lawyer

All media present


Editor: Nii Amon 

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