Accra Zoo Facelifted And Encourage More Visitor's Due To Rehabilitated Of The Place-Mr John Allotey

Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

On the 28th August,2022 an unfortunate incident occurred in the Zoo where an intruder mysteriously scaled into the lions enclosure and in the process succumbed to the lion's defensive attack.

This incident occasioned the temporal closure of the Accra Zoo to allow for further investigation into the matter by the Ghana Police Service, as well as improve security and other facilities at the Zoo.

The Accra Zoo was created in 1961, by Ghana's first president, Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, as a private miniatures Zoo for the sole purpose of entertaining his guests. It was located behind the then Flagstaff House, the current location of the seat of government.

Speaking at the reopening of Accra Zoo, the Executive Director of Forestry Commission, Mr John Allotey, made mentioned that in order to make room for the building and remodelling of the now Jubilee House, seat of government, the Accra Zoo was shut down in 2006, and most of the animals were  moved to the kumasi Zoo.The rest were relocated in the Achimota Forest and that birthed the Accra Zoo.

According to him, since the occurrence of that unfortunate incident, the forestry commission has worked tirelessly to enhance security and other facilities in the Zoo to mitigate potential risks that may confront the Accra Zoo management in serving its clients and general public at large. Some of the notable improvements put in place are the installation of CCTV cameras, electricity power supply, security check points, 5 metres high security fence, washroom facilities and renovations of old and dilapidated animal cages.

Currently, the Accra Zoo has a total of 108 animals made up of monkeys, Antelope, Birds, Crocodile and snake, Lion, porcupines, Ostrich, Geese, among others. The average visitation to the Zoo over the past two years is about 32,000 annually.

Meanwhile the sector minister of Lands and forestry, Hon Samuel Jinapor reiterates that the reopening of the Zoo will attract more tourist into the country and also boost the investors capital markets margin in the area of tourism.

He advised the management and staff of the Zoo to the place as their own property and manage it well.

According to him, Ghana is bless with a lot of resources but lack of management we always lack behind, so there is a need of changing that narrative and such perception about Africans.

He encouraged visitor's to take advantage of the newly rehabilitated Accra Zoo and its facelift of the place as their weekend logging hideout.


Editor: Nii Amon 

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