The debate about this anti LGBTQ+ is further fueling the hatred towards minorities and persons who are born different. This has led to many able bodied young men and women to escape from their places of abode for fear of attacks by vigilante groups who are bent on attacking and inflicting serious harm to such persons. 

Studied in one of the best universities in Ghana ,university of Cape Coast , Abdallah Issah is one of such individuals whose where about is unknown since an extreme Muslim  group circulated a wanted poster because they believe he is engage in gay activities. How long are we going to embark on this needless agenda when corruption, nepotism, cronyism is inflicting more damage to our societies than LGBTQ+. We are urging our legislators to reject this Stone Age and draconian laws and channel their energies into improving the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Whilst the Ghanaian public particularly Muslims find it a blessing to attack and even kill Gays and lesbians, politicians on the other hand are exploiting the ignorance of the general public by pushing for a severe jail sentence for those practicing LGBT in Ghana .

 Gays are subject to severe beatings and humiliations which is more encouraged by the preaching of Imams who mostly incite the youth to beat gays, explaining that, it’s an importation of European and American culture.

Sheikh Abubakar Mohammed in his Friday Utuba sermon at Afiguase, called on the youth to be vigilant against Gays , and deal with them according to Sharia laws ,saying’ it’s  an evil act and shall not have a space in our holy communities. 

According to Sheikh Abubakar, the destruction of Sodom and Gomora was a punishment from Allah as  a result of the practice of Gays and lesbians during the era of prophet LUT Pbuh and therefore   should be flushed  what  he referred to as  friends of satan. 

Its unfortunately clear that, the Ghanaian or the African community is far from accepting LGBT, particularly gays. 

Many have been forced to seek to flee elsewhere and  their whereabouts are still unknown

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