Oyibi Marks 'Yele Yeli' 2022 in Peace and Harmony

Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

The Chiefs and Elders of Oyibi Traditional Council in the Greater Accra Region last Friday, converged at Oyibi in a grand durbar to climax the 2022 Yele Yeli festival in peace and harmony 


The forefathers of the Oyibi community who were predominantly farmers do on annual basis, present part of their farm produce to Almighty God as part of appreciation for a bumper harvest as well as his protection from wild animals in the forest.

The Nungua Akwashontse, Nii  Akwei Dankwa V, represented the Nungua Mantse, Oboadi Notse King Prof. Odaifio Welenstsi III. 

Delivering a speech on behalf of the Nungua Mantse, Nii Akwei Dankwa v, pointed out that Government can't extend development projects to communities where there is no peace amongst the residents. 

According to him, unity is the recipe for development, the Akwashontse therefore urged the indigens and residents of Oyibi to unite and rally behind Nii Boye Okanshan VI, in order to promote peace and development within the Oyibi community. 

He seized the opportunity to on behalf of King Welentse III, extend his warm regards to Chief, Elders and other traditional leaders as well as indigens and residents of Oyibi on the occasion of their annual 'yele yeli' Festival."I am optimistic that a year by this time, we shall all be alive to witness yet another colourful festival," he added 


The 7-Day celebration begun with a general clean up exercise  across the Oyibi community on the 24th Day of September, 2022 and was characterised by series of other interesting  and memorable activities including the colourful display of rich traditions and culture.

The Chief Priest Of Oyibi carried the sacred Stool rapped with white clothe and went round the entire community amid chant of War songs, firing of muskets alongside pouring of libation, spraying of powder,  drumming and dancing up until the sacred Stool was ready to "come off" the head of the chief priest.

The necessary rituals were performed and the sacred Stool was taken to the stool room for safe custody. 

The Noryaa Manye (Developmental Queen Mother) of Oyibi, Naa Borkor Shwɛlelor II, expressed her gratitude to the chief and people of Oyibi for the confident re-impose  in her as regards the development of Oyibi.Speaking further, Naa Borkor Shwɛlelor II, disclosed that she finds it an honour to be able to motivate young people of the community. Saying; the youth are the future of the Oyibi community and the country at large.

The Development Queen Mother who doubles as an international Business woman pledged to liase with investors around the globe to come and invest in the Oyibi community to provide a better future as well as improving the infrastructure status of the community. 

Touching on education, Naa Borkor  II, revealed that as part of her plans to help in the developmental agenda of Oyibi, she has come up with initiatives to enhance the creative Arts in the education system for the children of Oyibi.

Oyibi Mantse, Nii Boye Okanshan VI, speaking to the people of Oyibi at the durbar, made a passionate appeal  to government to build Senior High Schools (SHS) for the Oyibi community so that students can enroll after a successful completion of their Basic and Junior school education. 

"The Oyibi community can boost of some Basic Schools as well as a University  but lack of Senior High schools poses a challenge for our children because they have to move out after their basic education to seek for secondary level education and come back to the University at Oyibi," he added. Another challenge being faced by the Community, according to the traditional leader, is the bad nature of the road network within Oyibi. 

He therefore called on government to construct roads within the community in order to make vehicular movement swift whiles connecting the Oyibi community to surrounding towns.

The traditional leader called on all indigenes of oyibi to always collaborate with traditional leaders in undertaking activities such as communal labour and other exercises aimed at improving upon the sanitation condition of Oyibi. 

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all and sundry who had come from far and near to grace the Yele Yeli festival

Source: www.truthtvgh.com

Editor: Nii Amon 

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