2000 People To Benefited From NHIS Card-Nii Martey Laryea I

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina&Gideon Kotey

At a joyous occasion at the Teshie Gbugbla We when thousand troop in to marked the first anniversary commemoration of the Oblahia Mantse.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with some selected media at one year commemoration, the Gbugla Oblahia Mantse Nii Martey Laryea I, he was optimistic that the collaboration between him and NHIS to register the residents of Teshie to about 2000 to be benefited from the NHIA Registration programme.

As part of the celebration there will be a clean up exercise for that one will be in collaboration with the assembly.

According to him, Teshie has been a flash point of violence over the years and as youth" I will make sure the youth are been engaged into skills training, so that they will be enrolled into better product than to be engaged into violence" he lamented.

Nii Martey Laryea, assured that he is going to make sure that chieftaincy disputes will be the tin of the past.

He urges the youth to ask those who will come to them to hire them for chieftaincy disputes, they must be bold enough to tell those group or individual that they should go and use their children and relatives. 

The syndrome of Teshie is a violence community will be in the past cause he and his elders are going to make sure that such attitude stop at once.

Some activities for the celebration as follows; Presentation of Bull, Free NHIA Registration, Video Documentation, Original Soccer Competition and Card Competition, Grand Durbar at Sallam Square and Thanksgiving Service Teshie Peniel Presbyterian church.

Source: www.truthtvnews.com

Editor: Nii Amon 

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